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Breast Feeding Class

Took our first breast feeding class last night. Learned a lot about latching and caring for the baby. It was a long class and I get pretty uncomfortable sitting still so, here is the shortened version. Baby should make a fish face with both upper and lower lip extended Baby's body should face Mom's body It may take practice and patience  Watch videos online Sometimes it helps to rub the outer breast toward baby It's a great way to help build baby's immune system Breast feeding helps mom lose weight I'm not a breastfeeding coach or medical professional. Consult your doctor if you have questions. 

7 months

I feel huge. Gremlin kicks a lot. Can’t wait to meet her. Finally got back to the gym. Love that but get light headed. Puking our my nose now. That’s not great. 

2019 Cybex Priam vs. Nuna Mixx

Nuna Mixx vs Cybex Priam — which would you choose? What I like about both: •  I love the look. • Reversible seat. • One hand lay down seat. • Easy fold. • Flip flop friendly breaks. • Large wheels that can handle all terrain.  • Bassinet/Carrycot available. • XXL canopy. • Higher end wheels Cybex Priam: - Easy to drag on two wheels  - ski wheel replacements  - parasol available - carrycot not sleep rated - carrycot has very large mesh vents - large seat - fur liners available  Nuna Mixx: - not very many accessories - they stopped including rain shield in 2019 ($39) - can’t tell if it comes with a bug net - doesn’t seem like you can buy an adapter for other car seats in 2019? - mesh back for summer - magnetic clasps for everything - extra hidden pocket in bassinet and storage area  - 2018 has a back pocket on seat but this was removed in 2019 for the breathable mesh back - bassinet is sleep rated - 50lb seat - seat look