2019 Cybex Priam vs. Nuna Mixx

Nuna Mixx vs Cybex Priam — which would you choose?

What I like about both:
•  I love the look.
• Reversible seat.
• One hand lay down seat.
• Easy fold.
• Flip flop friendly breaks.
• Large wheels that can handle all terrain. 
• Bassinet/Carrycot available.
• XXL canopy.
• Higher end wheels

Cybex Priam:
- Easy to drag on two wheels 
- ski wheel replacements 
- parasol available
- carrycot not sleep rated
- carrycot has very large mesh vents
- large seat
- fur liners available 

Nuna Mixx:
- not very many accessories
- they stopped including rain shield in 2019 ($39)
- can’t tell if it comes with a bug net
- doesn’t seem like you can buy an adapter for other car seats in 2019?
- mesh back for summer
- magnetic clasps for everything
- extra hidden pocket in bassinet and storage area 
- 2018 has a back pocket on seat but this was removed in 2019 for the breathable mesh back
- bassinet is sleep rated
- 50lb seat
- seat looks small 
- convenient ways to remove... everything 
- can fold with seat on facing front or back 
- can pull behind you when folded like luggage

Why I ruled out others:
I ruled out Uppababy. I think it’s ugly compared to other luxury brands. It’s also known for bad wheels but they will replace them free. I also just really wanted something more customizable. Also wish it would lay flat. Love the magnetic peekaboo window but weird that it has a plastic cover so it’s not breathable. Weird that the new plaid version gets rid of the magnetic clasp but cool that it’s cashmere-esque. Love the flip flop friendly breaks and that it comes with a bassinet. 

I love the Egg by BabyStyle but can’t seem to get it in the USA (I tried multiple retailers). This may be the nicest stroller I’ve seen but sigh I can’t purchase it. 

Silver Cross Wave only comes in varying shades of gray. Plus hate the cheap looking silver frame. They have lots of other gorgeous options but I don’t want air tires. 

Mima Xari - the canopy doesn’t look very big, lots of reviews about it being loud, tiny basket, the hard shell and leather was cool, extra large/heavy, but one of the prettiest and most customizable 

Stokke- husband actually ruled this one out. It doesn’t fold very small. Doesn’t store upright. I love the idea of the baby sitting up close though. The older version footrest was weird. 

Bugaboo - Hate the look. Overly wide. Very customizable but not in any pretty way that I can see and has their giant logo plastered everywhere. 


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