Dear blob,

Hello! I actually just recently found out about you. On September 6th, I'm not entirely sure why, I took a test that told me I was pregnant. I wrote off a lot of symptoms for various reasons, but I found out. Freaked out a little and snuck the test out of the house. Despite knowing that your dad would probably be insanely happy. I paced around outside with our dog on the phone with a friend on the line.

I've basically thought about writing this to you ever since. I woke up one night thinking about what it would say.

I bet you will have a ton of questions plus I wanted to track my journey. I'm not sure if I ever thought I would be pregnant. I want you, I've always wanted you. I just am not a big fan of the idea of pregnancy. So here we are. On the 7th, I woke up at four in the morning. I've been waking up early a lot lately. Maybe in the future I'll be a morning person, but historically I have not been. I'm not a fan of mornings. Anyway, I downloaded an app that would teach me about you-- things like how big you are etc. and it asked me to give you a nickname. It was four AM and the picture of what you might look like on the app looked somewhere between a shrimp and a mermaid-- so I called you blob. Sorry, I know it's not a cute name but I promise I will try to come up with a better REAL name soon. I have a few in mind already.

So, since finding out about you I've told a few people but have not yet told your grandpa. I will see him in person next week and hope to break the big news then. He will be so excited. I hope you know him really well. He's truly the best person in the whole world.

I'll write more soon. Maybe next time I'll tell you about how your dad, uncle and my friends found out.




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